Opioid Alternatives

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Doctors Pedro Franco, Howard Price, and Drew Havard care about our youth and work toward being innovators in the area of opioid free oral surgery. Read on to find out what makes us different and how we can treat pain effectively without opioids...
doctors who don't prescribe opioids; safe pain relief

We have multiple ways to control pain in our practice...

We combine multiple options to control pain. Our patients are prepared before surgery with medications to minimize the pain. Pain management is discussed with our patients so they understand and have realistic expectations. We never expose our patients to opioids, including during IV sedation. We are a part of the battle because there is never an introduction to addictive opioids! We have found that there are more effective ways to control pain and still be opioid free. These methods allow our patients to go back to normal activities in less time because therapy includes using long-lasting analgesic techniques.

Multimodal Approach

Simultaneous use of a combination of 2 analgesics that act at different sites within the central and peripheral nervous systems in an effort to

–Reduce pain

–Minimize opioid use and ORADEs

EXPAREL® is a patient-focused pain control injected directly to the surgical site during the procedure. It starts working before you feel the pain and numbs the area around the site and gives long-lasting pain control, meaning you may need fewer pain medications. For more information, please visit www.EXPAREL.com/patient

EXPAREL Uses DepoFoam® to Release Bupivacaine Over Time

By utilizing the DepoFoam product delivery platform, EXPAREL delivers therapeutic levels of bupivacaine over time

DepoFoam is a multivesicular liposomal product delivery technology that encapsulates drugs without altering their molecular structure and then releases them over a desired time frame.